Cubic Boron Nitride CBN and Synthetic Diamond Powders for Industrial

April 02, 2022



The difference of abrasive grains lies in manufacturing. One is composed of natural particles, such as quartz corundum, emery, garnet sand and natural diamond; The other is made up of artificial particles such as synthetic corundum, silicon carbide, chromium oxide, boron carbide(B4C), cubic boron nitride (CBN) and synthetic diamond powders. Boron carbide B4C is one of the three hardest materials known and the other two are synthetic diamond and CBN. Let's firstly take a look at CBN and synthetic diamond.

CBN is the second hardest material known except diamond, which can only be used as abrasive grains when it is in the shape of cubic crystal. It is artificially synthesized from natural hexagonal boron nitride crystals and usually used with resin or ceramics. It is high temperature resistant, up to 1300°C. When the temperature exceeds 730°C, it will become harder than diamonds, mainly used to grind hard unhardened steel, such as high-speed steel and hot - cold die steel, but not suitable for grinding soft steel, hard alloy, non-ferrous metals, chromium, nickel coatings and non-metals.

Almost all the diamonds used in modern industry are synthetic diamonds. In some special applications, its characteristics such as hardness and geometrical shape are better than natural diamonds. Although the diamond is the hardest material, the highest heat resistance can only reach 800°C. Therefore, its applications are limited.

Diamond mesh/micron powder is one of important materials for making diamond tools, grinding tools, polishing paste...and diamond materials are mainly used for fine grinding of the following materials: hard alloy, grey cast iron, glass, ceramics, porcelain, fire prevention stone, germanium, graphite, cutting ceramics, silicon, rubber, non-ferrous metals, cementite alloy, nickel and chromium alloy, bearing steel and tool steel with high carbon low vanadium.


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