How to use diamond and CBN materials better?

July 31, 2018

First, we need to know some basic characteristics of diamond and CBN materials. Diamond and CBN have the same crystal structure. Diamond is composed of pure carbon element, and CBN is composed of nitrogen and boron. Diamond and CBN are the two hardest materials known in the world. Diamond’s hardness is higher than that of CBN, but when the temperature goes higher than 700 ℃, the diamond hardness will be reduced, and the performance began to decay. But CBN can reach as high as 1000 ℃ and still keep the hardness and stable performance.

Due to the excellent hardness, diamond is very suitable for the following materials:

a )  all hard alloys

b )  metal ceramics

c )  oxide and non-oxide ceramics

d )  PCD/PCB

e )  high hardness alloy

f )  sapphire and glass

g )  ferrite

h )  graphite

i )  reinforced fiber composites

j )  high grade stone materials, etc


Diamond is not suitable for steel processing because it is made of pure carbon. The high temperature produced in the grinding process will make the carbon and diamond in steel react, and corrode the diamond grains. 

CBN consists of two elements: nitrogen and boron. Compared with diamond, CBN has no carbon atoms, very suitable for steel processing. CBN can be used to process the following materials:

a ) steel with a hardness of over 54HRC

b ) high speed steel (HSS)

c ) stellite

d ) nickel-plated alloy, etc.